Siamese Rescue Cat Gives Birth To A Litter Of 4 Striped Tabby Kittens


While sometimes kittens are born looking just like their momma, this rescue cat recently gave birth to a litter of kittens that looked entirely nothing like her (talk about strong poppa genes!). The rescue Siamese mix named Maggie was noticeably pregnant when she first came into her foster home. After bouncing around from shelter to shelter Maggie ended up with Cindy, the foster mom for Foster_Kittens in a suburb of Seattle, Washington who works closely with the Seattle Humane Society.

Before taking her in to give her a temporary home outside of a shelter, the Seattle Humane Society predicted that Miss Maggie was around 12 to 18 months of age. Shortly after coming into Cindy’s loving care, Maggie was set to give birth. Much to the surprise of Cindy all of the 4 kittens looked virtually identical, and all of which were tabby kittens–obviously nothing like their Siamese mama. It isn’t entirely uncommon to have variations in coat patterns, colors, lengths, etc., but not to have a single kitten resemble their mother is somewhat rare.

Maggie and her babies are doing just fine, as Cindy shares daily on her Instagram and Facebook accounts. For now, here are some adorable photos of this sweet mama cat and her tiny babies. Enjoy!

A photo posted by Kitten foster home Seattle, WA (@foster_kittens) on

As you can see, Miss Maggie was truly meant to be a mama!

Written by Modi Ramos
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