9 Ways To Cool Your Cats Off During Summer

| Published on June 9, 2015

Summer can be a tough time for everyone, even if they do have blasting A/C throughout the house. Cats can suffer from heat exhaustion and stroke just as much as people can, so making sure your kitties have access to comfort is important. Here are some great tips for keeping your cats cool, comfortable and healthy all summer long.

#1 – Get Some Fans

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If you don’t have air conditioning in your house or don’t want to run it while you’re not home, keeping some fans blowing around the house will certainly make your cat more comfortable. A nice, cool breeze is a great way to cool off while your cat naps.

#2 – Cool Down The Water


Adding ice cubes to your cat’s water dish is a great way to give them something cool and refreshing to drink. Be careful you don’t offer something too cold if they are suffering from heat stroke symptoms, however, because the sudden change in temperature could actually cause more harm than good. But regularly keeping their drinking water cold is a great way to avoid this problem in the first place. In addition, make sure there is plenty of water available so your cat isn’t left with an empty bowl.

#3 – Elevate Their Bed


Having your cat’s bed elevated allows better airflow and circulation around them, keeping them much cooler overall. This paired with a fan will make for a really nice resting spot, with a nice breeze that blows all around your kitty as they sleep.

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#4 – Keep Your Cat Indoors


If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, try to keep them inside during the hottest parts of the year. If they aren’t acclimated to the heat, they can suffer heat stroke faster and on days that don’t even seem that warm to you. Allowing them access to indoors through a cat door is another great idea as it gives them the option of cooling off inside or going out into the warm sun. Keeping your cat solely outside could prevent them from being able to find a shady, comfortable spot that’s safe.

#5 – Regulate Playtime


Playing during the cooler parts of the day will be safer for both of you, so make sure you leave strenuous playtime to the early morning or later evening. You and your cat will still have the same fun and exercise you need, but you won’t be risking heat stroke or exhaustion while enjoying your time together.

#6 – Groom Regularly


While shaving is often not the best idea because your cat’s coat keeps them cool as well as warm, regular brushing is an excellent way to help your cat shed the extra hair that needs to come out. This will keep them cool and comfortable and allow you to spend some quality time together.

#7 – Cool Down Beds


One of the best things to offer your cat during the warm summer months is a cool place to relax. Sometimes a fan and elevated bed won’t beat the intense heat, but filling water bottles up and freezing them might do the trick. Freeze a water bottle or two, wrap them in towels and place them in your cat’s bed or favorite napping place. This will offer your cat a really cool place to relax and if it’s too cold, your cat has the option of moving somewhere warmer. If you don’t want to use water, use any non-toxic cooling method, but double check that it’s safe for cats.

#8 – Use Climate-Controlled Housing

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Photo credit: The Kitty Tube

If you absolutely must leave your cat outdoors during the hottest months or even the hottest parts of the day, consider investing in an insulated, climate-controlled cat house. These look just like regular cat or dog houses but are made to keep your cat cool during summer and warm during winter. These are essential in very hot temperatures and can really help prevent major suffering. 

#9 – Keep Curtains & Blinds Closed


We know cats love to lie around on windowsills, but they can get very hot doing so if it’s warm outside. During summer, keeping your house cool by blocking out the sun will be much better for your cat’s health than their ability to see a view outside, so it’s best to keep everything closed. Once it cools down, you can open up some curtains and let your cat do their thing.

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