Cat Always Looks Surprised, Probably Because He Can’t Believe How Cute He Is

Don’t let Fedya the cat’s surprised look fool you. With over 35,000 followers on Instagram, 240,000 TikTok fans, and a total of 3 million TikTok likes, Fedya knows how much we all love him. While he looks shocked by this fact, he’s really not. This special cat is quite aware of how adored he is, but it doesn’t go to his head. Fedya is a kind and affectionate cat who’s thankful for his family, both human and feline.

But Fedya had a rough start in life. Orphaned and unwell as a tiny kitten, his outlook seemed bleak. But with lots of love and care from his devoted family, this sickly kitten blossomed into a sweet and intelligent cat with a unique look.

Fedya’s story begins in a backyard…


Almost Lost, But Saved by Love

In the backyard of Natalia Zhdanova’s Rostov, Russia home, she met Liza, a pregnant stray cat who eventually gave birth to two kittens. One was a healthy girl and the other was a sickly little guy with a strange look. Shortly after Liza gave birth, she passed away, leaving behind two tiny orphans that needed help.

While Fedya’s sister grew up strong and found a home quickly, Fedya was struggling. Not only sick and dealing with weak back legs, the kitten boy also had a different set to his eyes and ears, giving him a permanently shocked or startled face. A different look for sure, but he was still as cute as he could be.


As Natalia shared, “We’re not sure if it’s a genetic deformity or if he was dropped by his mum as a kitten.”

While the reason behind his look remained a mystery, that Fedya was a sick kitten proved very clear.

“He was very weak and was dying,” Natalia said.


Natalia nursed him with great care and she had the best assistant to help her. Handsome, still a kitten himself at around 6 months old, would come visiting from a neighbor’s house, doing his part to help Fedya in his fight for life.

“Handsome cleaned and licked Fedya and became like a father figure to him.”

Soon, Fedya was a kitten on the mend, growing from frail to healthy thanks to Natalia and Handsome. Because the two cats bonded so fiercely, Handsome moved in with his once neighbors, now calling them family. And that decision was one that pleased young Fedya as “he is inseparable with Handsome.”


Talking with Bored Panda, Natalia said, “This is how this little touching cat family was created!”

Happy Cat is Still a Mystery

While much stronger than his kitten days, Fedya still suffers from allergy problems, his mom revealing, “His eyes are watery and his nose is congested.”


The cause behind the symptoms has yet to be discovered, but otherwise, Fedya is a happy guy. The mystery of his unusual look remains just that, but what we do know for sure? Fedya is purrfectly adorable!


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Feature Image: @fedja_kot/Instagram

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