Family Buys A Boat, But They Weren’t Expecting This Purrfect Surprise


When one family bought a boat in Georgia and drove it back to their home in Virginia, they were shocked at what they found inside…

Along with the boat, they had unknowingly inherited two “stowaway” kittens whose mother must have brought them there for shelter. The neonatal babies were only 9 days old!

Because they were so tiny, the family immediately took them to the shelter to get help, reports Love Meow. The kittens were taken to a foster mom who had the experience to look after them.

But even though they enlisted help–which was very smart of them–the family had already grown attached to the little bundles of fur, who they named Pistachio and Raisin. That’s why they decided that when they were old enough, they’d be the kittens’ forever family!

They will adopt them together when they are 2 months and fixed!” writes the foster mom on Instagram. At first, the tiny undernourished kittens were struggling to gain weight.

“These little guys are going to be a challenge. They haven’t gained weight in a week and they are the size of newborns. I’m doing my best. Please pray they start eating more vigorously and gain weight,” she posted.

Those prayers were answered because thankfully, they started to get the hang of it!

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They were dubbed “Curly” (Pistachio) and “Moe” (Raisin) based on the texture of their fur as a way to tell them apart!

Pretty soon the pair finally began gaining weight!

  And learning how to be…well…cats!




For more adorable updates on Pistachio and Raisin, follow @foster_kittens_rva on Instagram.


Thanks to this generous foster mom, and the family who can’t wait to welcome these two precious kitties into their home. The kitten foster wants to encourage everyone to consider fostering and to always spay and neuter!

Written by Karen Harris

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