Blind Cat & His Seeing-Eye Sister Need A Home Where They Can Stay Together

Ray and his sister-from-another-mister Bea arrived at Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter on September 21. Ray is a stunning Himalayan and Bea is a Calico cutie.

Six weeks have passed, yet this adorable pair is still waiting for a forever home. It could be that potential adopters are concerned about Ray’s blindness – but with Bea by his side, this seal point beauty is definitely handi-capable!

Ray and Bea’s story appeared on the Front Street Animal Shelter Facebook page Thursday morning and has since been viewed 88,000 times and shared by more than 4,000 viewers!

Let’s help these bonded buddies find the perfect home together by continuing to spread their faces across the internet.

For more information about Ray and Bea, visit the City of Sacramento Animal Care Services Adoption page. Their Animal ID#’s are 536089 and 536090.


Featured Images via Facebook/Front Street Animal Shelter

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