Behind The Meme: Learn About The “Buff Cat” So Jacked He Stole The Internet

It’s time again to learn about the cat behind the meme and this edition belongs to “Buff Cat.” The information on this insanely swole cat is scant, but one thing we know for sure…this tabby cat is the real deal and no photoshop fake.

Buff Cat was discovered on the streets of Montreal, Canada, by a cat lover who found herself so captivated, she started a Twitter account to share video and photos of the impossibly enormous cat. People were fascinated and quickly started following. Now, the Official Buff Cat has more than 24,000 followers on Twitter. But after seeing the big kitty that once, she hasn’t seen him since. Still, she keeps an eye out for the massive cat, and thanks to the fame achieved in memes, others know they just might see this legend strutting the Montreal streets too.


How Did a Cat Get So Buff?

With more than 6 million views of the video of the big tab coming up to say hello, it can be said Buff Cat was a hit. One can also tell the kitty finder was moved, writing in the post, “everyday i think about this buff cat i encountered last year.”


Quickly, the comments on the post came alive with talk about the jacked tabby. From expressions of awe to pronunciations declaring this cat an absolute unit and accusations of photoshopping to questions about his lifting routine, Twitter users had much to say about Buff Cat. Some also wanted to know if this friendly cat was okay, because his look certainly speaks to something not usual.

Some fans speculated whether or not the big boi is ‘double-muscled,’ a rare mutation of the genes that control myostatin, a protein secreted into muscles that slows their growth. A lack of this protein can cause muscle mass to grow unchecked, resulting in the double muscle look found in some cattle, dogs, and even cats.


Whether double-muscled or not, with such a unique look, Buff Cat found himself the star of many memes and the inspiration for lots of photoshop fun.

Image Courtesy of Bored Panda
Image Courtesy of Bored Panda
Image Courtesy of Bored Panda

The legend of Buff Cat remains with us, but he is yet to be seen again. If you encounter this muscled maverick, be sure you share because the world needs more Buff Cat!

A Couple More Laughs

Just because cat memes are fun to laugh at, here’s a few more…

Here’s just one last glimpse of Buff Cat, just a kitbull strutting into internet fame!

Feature Image: @officialbuffcat/

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