How To Choose The Best Cat Litter

As a cat owner, you have a wide variety of choices when selecting a cat litter. You clearly want what’s best for your cat, so let’s take a look at the different types of litter available, and the pros and cons of each. Clay Litter Clay litter is probably the most popular type of litter. It’s highly absorbent, and because of its absorbency it provides some odor control. Clay litter is economically priced and can be found in any store … Read more

Three Common Cat Myths Busted

There are a number of myths about cats that are often accepted as fact.  Truth is, these myths are downright fiction, and taking them as fact can even endanger your cat’s life.  Let’s look at a few of them. Cats Always Land on Their Feet You may marvel at your cat’s ability to seemingly land on its feet every time it falls.  Yes, cats do have an incredible talent to change their positioning in midair so that their feet land … Read more

The Secret to Stopping Your Cat From Scratching the Furniture

When it comes to scratching, does your cat find your furniture simply irresistible? Unfortunately it’s a common problem among cat owners – often furniture, especially couches and upholstered chairs, takes a beating when there are cats in the household. Thankfully there are a few things you can do to stop your cat from destroying your furniture. First of all, get your cat a scratching post, and encourage him to use it. Scratching is a natural behavior for your cat, so … Read more

Is Your Cat Stressed?

Humans have lots of stress in their lives, and it’s well known that excessive stress can be unhealthy. But have you ever wondered if your cat feels stressed? If you know of the signs, and the events likely to cause your cat stress, then you can better help him or her to deal with it. The signs of stress include unusual behavior in your cat. Stressed cats may have “accidents” in the house, or start marking more territory than usual. … Read more

How to Pill a Cat

Cats can be very finicky about taking pills – despite hiding it in all sorts of foods, you might still find that your cat can sniff out the pill and will refuse to eat it. In these cases, pilling the cat by hand is probably necessary. Let’s take a look at how to do so safely and quickly to lessen the amount of stress on your cat. First, sit your cat down so his back is facing you. If you anticipate that … Read more