Is Your Cat Stressed?

Humans have lots of stress in their lives, and it’s well known that excessive stress can be unhealthy. But have you ever wondered if your cat feels stressed? If you know of the signs, and the events likely to cause your cat stress, then you can better help him or her to deal with it.

The signs of stress include unusual behavior in your cat. Stressed cats may have “accidents” in the house, or start marking more territory than usual. Sometimes stressed cats groom themselves excessively which can even result in hair loss. Stressed cats may eat less, pace relentless, or sit still for unusually long periods of time. Many of these symptoms could also indicate physical issues and illnesses, so if you notice them you should always call your vet.

Why is your cat stressed? There are many possible causes. If you’ve recently added a new pet to the house, your cat may have trouble dealing with that adjustment. The same goes for a new family member, like a baby. Moving to a new house will also cause stress.

To help your cat, the best thing you can do is to relieve his stress. If you’re in a new home, make sure that the cat feels secure and has a place of his own. Establish a routine if possible, and stick to it. Give your cat a chance to release his energy through interactive playtime. Toys on wands will let your cat race around the house a bit, while also empowering him and building his confidence.

If these methods don’t work, talk to your vet. There are feline pheromone dispensing collars and plug-ins which do give some cats some relief and help to soothe them. Depending on the severity of your cat’s stress, your vet may also prescribe medication.

Stress isn’t fun for anyone, including cats! If you notice signs of stress in your cat, speak with your vet and take measures to help your cat feel better.

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