Success Story: Cat with Special Needs Gets a Very Special Home

Your purchases on iHeartCats are making a huge difference! Here’s another success story. Bonk was taken into Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue (SIHAR) as a newborn. It was discovered that his mother was unable, or refused, to feed him which resulted in a neurological disorder. Bonk developed Cerebellar Hypoplasia (aka Wobbles Syndrome) that affects his motor skills. He needed to be bottle fed, and learn how to cope with his disability. Thanks to generous food donations from Rescue Bank, cats under … Read more

Pet Safety Products

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New Fashion Tanks

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This Cat “Kneads” Her Dog BFF…Watch How He Returns The Favor!

Some how, some way, this Pit Bull has convinced a cat go give him a face massage! That’s right, for full 73 seconds, this dog is in heaven! At 1:22, the precious Pittie starts to return the favor with a generous face lick. This adorable video wins the whole internet if you ask me! It’s a hilarious relationship, but they seem so happy together! Tag a friend with whom you have a weird friendship that works!

This Cat Demands A Hug Every Morning And Its Completely Irresistible

Our cats may sometimes act like they don’t need us – but we know they want love as well. This cat has decided to just ask for it – literally. Every morning this owner gets a que to dish out some love. What a sweet little baby! Never in my life have a seen a cat do something like this. Have you? Don’t you just want to send a hug back to this baby? Share this video to send this … Read more