Ask A Vet: Must-Have Stocking Stuffers Cats Will Love

Are you stumped with what to put in your cat’s stocking? Here are a few of my favorite things!

Interactive snacks

Friskies® has come up with a Pull ‘n Play cat treat/toy that combines the love of string with the joy of treats. They are compact and affordable, easily stashed in a stocking. As with every treat, don’t overdo. These are only for supplementation and not primary feeding.


Puzzle toys

Toys that make your cat think are always a good thing. They can add a lot to your cat’s environment by creating movement and strategy. They are affordable and some can dispense treats, while others are just for active play. There are many options at a range of prices. Be sure to check customer reviews prior to picking one and ask your veterinary professional to be sure your choice has not been a safety issue in any of their patients.

puzzle toy

Warm polyester beds

Studies have shown that cats prefer polyester fleece beds. These are affordable and washable and widely available.  Some even come in the form of a hammock that can hang in the window. These are available in many sizes and colors. Make sure your cat has a warm snuggly fleece bed on his wish list!

cat bed

Classical Music

A study published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery found that cats are soothed by classical music, so why not set your cat up with a digital player and wireless speakers? Through A Cat’s Ear is a special audio compilation designed to appeal to cats. Your cat can listen while you are away to pass the time.


You can buy catnip filled treats and bags to thrill and surprise your feline friends. Not every cat will react to catnip, but 50-75% of cats will and they think it is the “cat’s meow”!

A Cat Water Fountain

Many cats love fresh circulating water and experts believe that our cats just do not drink enough water. Cat fountains can entice drinking in a convenient and appealing way. There are many options. The Pet Safe company is a good place to look.


Environment enrichment satisfies an animal’s physical and psychological needs and is a great way to make your cat happy. Holiday gifts are a great excuse to do some fun cat shopping!

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