ADORABLE! This Cute Kitten Prefers To Cuddle With The Family Dog!

| Published on December 11, 2015

Kittens usually stick with their moms when they are very young. Especially when they take a nap, they love to cuddle with their mom. And their mommies are always there to keep them warm.

However this kitten named Uno prefers cuddling with the dog! In the video below, you can see Uno choosing Louie the Dalmatian over his own mom! But that’s no problem, mom is good friends with Louie, and she knows that Louie is a sweet and gentle dog. Check out the video below!

Source: 3-week-old kitten cuddles with Dalmatian by Dalmatians on Rumble

Awww…what a sweet and precious moment! I just love this part when they get so close together:

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