Are You A Crazy Cat Lady? Then You’ll LOVE This Hilarious Comic Series!

We cat lovers have a great sense of humor (obviously!). That’s because we have to–our kitty’s quirky habits are quite funny (and sometimes, destructive). That’s why, when we find an artist who can perfectly portray our cats’ silly antics, we just have to share!

Comic creator Yasmine Surovec is a pet-parent to three cats and one dog, according to Bored Panda. Lucky for us, this talented lady knows how to illustrate her experiences so we can all share a giggle. Special thanks to Yasmine for letting us share some of the work from her series, Cat Versus Human.

Get ready to “LOL”!

comic 1

comic 2 comic 3 comic 4

comic 7
comic 9 comic 10

comic 8

comic 11

comic 13 comic 14

Aren’t these great?! Check out Yasmine’s website at, as well as the Cat Versus Human Facebook page. She also has a book of illustrations available on Amazon, and there’s a new one on the way: Cat Versus Human Fairytales will be available September 6th and can be pre-ordered now.

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