Are These 4 Cats More Adventurous Than You?

| Published on May 3, 2016

Cats are notorious creatures of habit. They like to know what they can expect from their environment and the humans and animals they share it with. They are, of course, curious explorers… but they like to explore on their own terms and with the understanding that they’ll be home in time for dinner. However, there are exceptions to every rule, and these kitties certainly like to push the limits!

#1 – Thula helps her 6-year old autistic friend Iris lead a more joyful life.

On an every day level, Thula helps Iris feel brave and comfortable with her surroundings and has taken on the role of a therapy cat.

Thula takes her job very seriously and even accompanies Iris on adventures that may be scary if they didn’t have each other. Together, these two best buddies have swam in pools, gone on bike rides, and explored the great outdoors.

Read more about Iris and Thula’s life HERE.

#2 – Higgs has been going on hiking trips with his humans, Christian and Kamia, since he was only a few months old.


He often travels in a backpack and snuggles down into it when he gets cold or sleepy.

“He gets quite cozy in the backpack,” says Kamia, “and he likes looking around at what’s going on.”

#3 – Didga is so adventurous that she has her own YouTube channel where her fans can watch her do tricks (her dad is a trainer).

Some of her most famous YouTube videos show her skateboarding

surfing on the back of her dog friend,

…and going on bike rides.

#4 – Jesper is a cat from Norway who happens to be incredibly brave and adventurous.

He likes to swim…

…play in the snow…

and go for bike rides.

Read more about Jesper HERE.

Do your cats like to go on adventures? Or are they more content staying cozy at home? Share your stories in the comments!