Cat Hugs Her Toy When She Thinks About Her Kittens

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on June 24, 2024

Angel was discovered in a landfill, emaciated and alone. Suspected to be a former house cat due to her familiarity and friendliness toward people, she likely was abandoned after becoming pregnant. Arriving solo at the shelter, her kittens were found hours later and brought in separately, facing imminent euthanasia. However, when the kittens were carried past Angel’s cage, she became visibly distressed, pawing and crying in an attempt to reach them. This maternal display confirmed her connection to the kittens, leading to a fostering opportunity where she could care for them.

While all of Angel’s kittens eventually found homes, she was overlooked. Seeing her sweet nature, A woman decided to foster her, believing she would quickly find a permanent home. Yet, it became clear almost immediately that she belonged with the woman, becoming a “foster failure.”

Over the years, Angel has profoundly enriched her mom’s life. Now 17 years old, she has been with her family for over 16 years, displaying an enduring maternal instinct. She formed a strong attachment to a small toy, treating it much like her own kitten, especially during stressful times. When the family’s other cat passed away, Angel’s attachment to her toy intensified, and she mourned deeply.

Angel’s nurturing nature extended to her entire family. After the birth of her mom’s first child, during a difficult postpartum period, Angel was a comforting presence by her mom’s side. When the baby wouldn’t stop crying, Angel brought her the toy kitten, trying to soothe her in the only way she knew how.

Now, as a senior cat, Angel’s hearing has diminished, and she needs to be touched in order to gain her attention. She has been a constant companion through many of life’s milestones—moves, marriage, children, and new jobs. Every day with her is a gift, and her mom is immensely grateful for her unwavering support and affection.

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