Woman Catches Bobcat Mom and Playful Cubs on Her Porch and Films It

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 24, 2024

Kathy Maniscalco, an artist residing in El Dorado, Santa Fe, New Mexico, experienced an extraordinary event that would make any wildlife lover envious.

One pleasant day, a mother bobcat and her charming kittens made an unexpected appearance on her porch.

El Dorado, home to nearly 3,000 households, isn’t typically a place where one would expect such an encounter.

The sight of these bobcats in a suburban area was nothing short of astonishing, making the experience all the more memorable for Kathy and her neighbors.


Recognizing the uniqueness of this event, Kathy decided to document the bobcats with great care. She ensured not to scare them away, capturing the moment in both videos and photos. Her cautious approach resulted in stunning footage of the bobcat family.

She shared these visuals on her Facebook page, and unsurprisingly, they quickly went viral. People from all over were intrigued by this rare sight and captivated by the beauty of the often-underappreciated wildlife.

Bobcats are known for their elusive and nocturnal behavior, typically avoiding human interaction. Spotting them during the day is rare, making Kathy’s experience even more exceptional. Despite their secretive nature, bobcats can thrive in various environments, including suburban areas like El Dorado. These fascinating creatures can grow up to twice the size of a typical house cat, with distinctive features such as long legs, large paws, and tufted ears.

The bobcat family’s daytime visit to Kathy’s porch was not just rare but extraordinary. Their gentle and playful behavior was on full display, defying their reputation as fierce hunters. Kathy witnessed a touching scene: the mother bobcat initially hissed at her, likely to protect her young and keep Kathy at a safe distance.

Seeing a wild animal up close being this protective of its young, even one this small, is quite a remarkable experience.

The kittens, feeling safe under their mother’s watchful eye, nursed and later rested together on the porch. One kitten’s playful antics with its sibling added even more charm to the scene. Kathy’s careful documentation provided a rare glimpse into the life of bobcats, showcasing a softer side rarely seen by humans.

The online response to Kathy’s posts was overwhelming. She received numerous messages from strangers who appreciated her sharing the wildlife footage. Many people mentioned that the video brightened their day, instantly lifting their spirits to see a mother bobcat nursing her young.

The serene presence of the bobcats in the photos captured public admiration and fascination. Kathy herself felt deeply moved by their visit. To her, it was a significant, peaceful gift—an unexpected blessing she wanted to commemorate.

As an artist, Kathy decided to channel her emotions and the experience into her work. She painted a portrait of the bobcat family, capturing the essence of that serene morning. This artwork became a cherished piece, encapsulating the rare and beautiful encounter.

The painting serves as a personal memento for Kathy and a reminder of the delicate balance between suburban life and wildlife. It highlights how, despite human encroachment, nature still finds a way to grace us with its presence, often when we least expect it.

Kathy’s story, along with her painting, continues to inspire those who hear about it. Her experience underscores the unexpected beauty that can be found in our everyday surroundings if we take the time to notice. Kathy’s careful documentation and artistic expression have shared a rare and precious moment with the world, reminding us of the importance of preserving nature.

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