Dog’s Hilarious Reaction to Owner Giving Treats to Cats Hits 200 Million Views

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 21, 2024

Many have hailed it as the ‘best video on the internet,’ and with over 205 million views, it’s clear that many people share this sentiment. Titled ‘Ultimate Dog Tease’ on YouTube, this video has delivered countless laughs since its upload.

Recently, this hilarious clip has started gaining attention once more, much to the delight of fans everywhere.

The one-minute and twenty-second video features a dog owner chatting with his dog about treats from the meat drawer. The comedic twist comes from the owner dubbing a voice over the dog, making it seem as though the dog is conversing back.

The owner begins by talking to his charming pooch about the fridge’s meat drawer, which contains maple bacon. The dog’s responses, filled with little “yeahs” and “okays,” are perfectly timed to create the illusion of suspense.

The owner, with his deep, manly East Coast voice, contrasts sharply with the dog’s dopey and innocent-sounding voice, a fitting choice for the dog’s expressive eyes and inquisitive nature.

As the chat progresses, the owner tells the dog he took the maple bacon out of the drawer, saying, “I know who would like that.” The dog eagerly responds, seemingly hoping he’ll get the treat.

“Me! So, I ate it!” the owner reveals. The dog’s reaction, turning away and yawning, is hilariously edited to look like utter disappointment.

The owner then mentions finding some beef, reigniting the dog’s hope, only to dash it again by saying he ate the beef too. Next up is chicken with cheese covered in cat treats, which the owner ultimately gives to the cat, much to the dog’s dismay.

The dog’s yawns, creatively edited, convey a deep sense of disappointment. It’s a conversation many dog owners can imagine having with their pets.

Upon its release, the video quickly went viral, now boasting over 205 million views. Viewer comments echo the same sentiment, praising the video as the best online.

One commenter said, “I’m sorry but this will forever be the best video on the internet “

Another shared, “5 years of watching this vid & I never tire of it, it’s great for morale. I want to wholeheartedly thank this guy and his awesome dog for putting many smiles on my face. It keeps a retired soldier seriously amused at times when I’m feeling blue “

A third added, “For the last 8 years my family has brought this video up at least every other month.”

This beloved video is sure to keep bringing joy for years to come. If you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favor and click ‘play’ below.

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