Adult Cats And Their Kitten Doppelgangers Are Doubly Adorable!

What’s cuter than a cute cat? Two cute cats that look identical! These adorable images feature adult cats with their tiny kitten doppelgangers. Obviously if you have two black cats they can look pretty similar, but these colorful cats are a rainbow of colors, and yet they still have a mini-me that is just too cute! (Have we said “two” too much? It can be hard to stop when there is this much cuteness around!)

Double the doppeldangers


These two almost have the same spots, which is a pretty rare occurrence.


While not a perfect match, these two Tuxedo cats are too cute!


How about matching calico prints?


Check out all the adorable cat doppelgangers in the below slideshow:

We think these cats are TWO cute!! Do you have identical cats at home? Whether they are both kittens, both adults, or an adult and its mini-me, share your twin kitty pics in the comments!

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