About Maine Coon Cats: Gentle Giants, Rulers Of Hearts

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on January 18, 2020

The snow falls gently on a field of white and from the trees wanders a magnificent creature. A cat so large your eyes can’t be seeing the feline right. But no, the cat is that large and padding easily through the wet blanket of slush on paws like snowshoes. The falling flakes bother the cat little, his thick fur flowing as the snow melts away.

You’re spotted by the awe-inspiring cat, wondering if a small grey tiger with fluffy fur has found you. But the kitty pricks an overlarge, pointed ear and greets you with a trilling chirp. Suddenly, you understand…

This is no fuzzy tiger in shadowy shades, but a Maine Coon cat.


Maine Coons stand apart from their cat brethren for a number of reasons. Shall we review them with a photo array of magnificent Maine Coon cats?


Maine Coon Cats are Massive

The large cats can literally stand head and shoulders over other kitties. On average, females weigh between 8 and 12 pounds, while males range from 13 to 18 pounds. The typical house cat weighs ten pounds. Whoa…that means a lot of cat food



The lengths Maine Coons grow to is impressive as well. The average Maine Coon measures out to a little over three feet. Ludo the Maine Coon holds the record for longest cat, measuring in at 118.33 centimeters, or a little over 45 and half inches. The average six-year-old human stands at that height. That’s a big cat!


To illustrate the varying, yet still towering stature of Maine Coon cats, Lotus and her kitty cat friend stand on a fence to show how big their kind can be…


Gentle Giants with Big, Ol’ Paws

Their paws are no joke either. Usually white in color, the large span of their feet makes for easy walking in snow as the breed is adapted to cold climates. In fact, Maine Coons are sometimes called Snowshoe cats. Often, their big paws are made bigger by the addition of toes or the thumb possessed by polydactyl cats.


Extra toes or not, a Maine Coon could easily hold your hand with her enormous paws.


Thick, Luscious Fur You Want To Bury Your Face In

Because the Maine Coon hails from New England, the breed possesses a coat of fur responsible for keeping them warm in the snowiest of winters. While their fur is dense, it doesn’t mat into snarled tangles and requires little brushing.


In addition to allover shaggy fur, the Maine Coon wears a thick ruff, or mane, around the neck which thickens further in winter months. The tips of their ears boast a tuft of fur drawing them further into a point.



Plus, their glorious tails set the standard in fluff.


Vet Street reports, “The Maine Coon coat comes in an amazing variety of colors and patterns, including a wide range of solids, tortoiseshell, tabbies, tabby with white, and parti-color (two colors).”




By the way, the Maine Coon is believed to hail from Maine by way of France, hence the name.


Maine Coons are the Chillest Cats Around

Cats gets a bad rap for being temperamental, but the Maine Coon can dispel the notion with their adoring personalities.



Maine Coons are an excellent cat breed for homes with kids, dogs, and other cats. According to Vet Street, “This is one of those cats who gets along with everyone, including dogs and other cats. He enjoys playing fetch and is willing to learn to walk on a leash, making him a great choice for anyone who travels frequently and would like to bring a feline companion along.”


The gentle giants are curious by nature and need toys which will stimulate their intellect. They do love to play, but won’t require you to fall over them with attention. Give them a window and they’ll happily entertain themselves watching the world go by.


A Fascination with Water

Since their fur is suited toward winter weather, beyond its thickness, Maine Coon coats are water repellent to keep snow and ice from soaking them. This allows their natural curiosities to investigate water, a usual cat no-no. “They like playing with the water in the water bowl, they love lying in the shower when it is still wet,” says Purr Craze. Many Maine Coon kitties even enjoy a good swim, just like Tissy the Maine Coon.



Maine Coons are enormous cats with hearts just as big. Their personalities make them a great fit for families as the large cats are full of affection and intelligence. If you need a whole lot of cat in your life, then a Maine Coon cat may be just what you need!

Feature Image: @lotus_the_mainecoon/Instagram and @mainecoon_of_ig/Instagram

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