A Gallery Of 15 Cats Draped On Couches

In other news, folks are crocheting couches for their cats.

Maybe crocheting kitty couches isn’t a new thing, as Candy Clayton offered a pattern in 1998 that taught cat lovers how to crochet a cat couch. But the idea is still adorable 20+ years later.

You can pick up a copy of Clayton’s “Crochet Kitty Couches” from Annie’s Craft Store if you’re handy with a hook and yarn.

But its not just the couch pattern that comes with the pamphlet. Patterns for tiny throw pillows and a small throw blanket are included too. By the time the project is complete, cats will have a perfect couch or round loveseat on which to lounge.


And as cats love to lounge, felines will flip for the cushy, handmade furniture.

If handicrafts aren’t your thing, your cat still enjoy these photos of cats enjoying their crocheted couches.

Made With Love

This pleased customer seems to be quite comfy on a couch made by mom’s loving hands…

Katie Reynolds/Facebook

And this ginger looks quite lovely on a custom-matched piece…

Brandy Fenenga/Facebook

One cat parent said, “I figured if I’m sitting at home on the couch all the time, the cats should get to do that too.”


Jilly Boo loves her mom-made couch! Plus, mom said she’ll be making “some catnip infused throw pillows”…


Zadie approves of the couch made by her mom’s talented hands…


“Sofa I made for my mom’s cat with the obligatory back-of-sofa granny-ghan”…


Miss Chloe looks lovely on her couch of rich color…


For more fun, let’s look at some super cute cats laying on couches of all different makes…

This majestic fluff is quite regal on a plush throne…


“Smitteh has taken to posing like a pro on his couch. Maybe he has aspirations of becoming a kitty model.” We think he’s got it!


“The cat-life ain’t easy” but a scratcher couch helps a cat nap a shade easier…


And here, we witness a cat draped purrfectly over the couch…


Harley, a striped cutie, found a quiet minute to grab a nap on a cushy, stripey couch…


Beautiful Spots rests on a geometric couch made just for her…


Chonky cats like Tubby Tabby Mango enjoy spreading out on their couches too…


And a cutie calico lounges in mid-century style…


So, we see cats have lounging down to an art and when given a couch just their size, cat comfort becomes even more adorable!

H/T: www.fun.shared.com
Feature Image: @kedikitkat/Instagram

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