9 Ways To Reframe Negative Thoughts About Our Cats

| Published on July 31, 2015

Cats are unique creatures that live by their own rules in their own little worlds and it can be difficult to coexist at times. But cats are truly wonderful animals that, although independent, offer nothing but their unconditional love and support to those who care for them. While cat ownership certainly comes with it’s ups and downs, it’s important to keep a positive outlook even when things seem to be going wrong.

#1 – “My cat is angry with me, so they’re peeing all over the house.”


Your cat is probably not marking or urinating outside of the littler box without good reason and it usually isn’t personal. More often than not, cats that eliminate in inappropriate areas are suffering from bladder infections that need treatment.

#2 – “My cat is annoying me while I’m trying to work/read/relax.”


Your cat may be annoying at the moment, but they’re probably just doing their best to get your attention. If you take the time to listen, there might be a very good reason why. They could be out of water, have a full litter box or just want to spend some time with you.

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#3 – “I only have one cat so why should I have two litter boxes?”

Photo credit: Tom Thai

It’s recommended that everyone with cats have one litter box per cat, plus one extra box. This is because cats are sensitive animals and may want to use different boxes at different times. With more options, cats are more comfortable and won’t feel so pressured to go in another place in the house.

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#4 – “My cat is just way too picky.”


Many cats are very finicky eaters but it’s important that they do have daily meals. In fact, many owners really struggle to get anxious cats to eat at all, so you should be grateful you’ve found a food that works for you and your feline friend.

#5 – “Veterinarians are so expensive, do I really need to take my cat in today?”


Regular veterinary check ups are important to keeping your cat happy and healthy. They may be pricey, but catching illness early will save you money the long run and certainly make your cat more comfortable before they really start suffering.

#6 – “I’m busy. I don’t have time to play with my cat everyday.”


Cats may be independent, but they need love and attention to. Playing with your cats not only gives them much needed exercise, but is a great way to bond together.

#7 – “Good quality cat food is too expensive.”


There are many different theories when it comes to choosing the right food for your cat, but avoiding certain cheap ingredients and low-quality foods is important to keeping your cat happy and healthy. It might be more expensive initially, but saving veterinary bills down the road certainly makes up the difference.

#8 – “I wish I could save all cats, but I just can’t.”


There are thousands of homeless cats in the world and some will never be lucky enough to have a loving forever home. While this is devastating, it’s important to know that doing even a little to help them is more than enough. One person can’t save them all, but you can play a big part in keeping them safe and happy.

#9 – “My cat is anti-social and hates everyone.”


Your cat doesn’t hate anybody, but they might just be a little more shy than you’re used to. Cats are individuals and they have their own feelings and personalities. If you have a shy or anxious cat, be patient and work with them to make them feel more comfortable around you and guests. Pushing your cat too hard will only push them further away. With time, patience and care, you’ll have a confident cat before you know it.

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