10 Things Only A Cat Person Would Understand

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on July 31, 2015

For anyone that shares their home with a cat, there are certain truths only we can understand. A cat is most certainly not a dog, and comparisons to such are enough to rattle our nerves. Cats can make us smile, help us to feel better when we are sad, or even make us shake our head with the quirky things that they do. Here’s our fun list of 10 things only a person with a cat person would understand. And after all, being labeled a “cat person” is a badge we aren’t ashamed to wear–in fact, we’re proud of it!

2386548957_532cbfa73a_zSource: Alle via Flickr

10. Your cat is moody… and you might be a little bit too…

Hey, that’s just one of the charms you share with your cat!


10818970765_a0e9dfba54_z-2Source: Kara via Flickr

9. Your favorite shirt will most likely be wearing a cat fur shirt of it’s own

You determine this as a token of love and invest in a lint roller.


12189591175_6b90ef28c3_z-4Source: Robert Couse-Baker via Flickr

8. There is no way that you could ever stay mad at them. EVER.

Whether they hacked up a hairball on your expensive rug… or used it as a litter box or even a scratching mat… you can’t stay mad. I mean, have you seen that little whiskered face?!


5942850308_08d356cf21_zSource: Toby Charlton-Taylor via Flickr

7. You will spend money on ridiculous cat things… only to find your cat playing with your shoe strings

We don’t know why we make these attempts to get our cats to play with actual toys. Non-toy items will suffice, and are typically preferred.


6970773669_3434d83438_zSource: bnilsen via Flickr

6. You sometimes feel like you are being stalked

You have on numerous occasions been perfectly relaxed reading a book or watching TV, only to see a set of eyes peering around the corner at you.


7990010223_7116cf8ed2_zSource: bnilsen via Flickr

5. On numerous occasions, there has been a sleeping cat on top of your head

Cats cuddle with those that they love, and you take it as the biggest compliment ever when they choose to cuddle with you. Even if you can’t exactly breathe…


4508778508_c29322a8f5_z-3Source: dotpolka via Flickr

4. Despite how badly you sometimes want to hold them, they just aren’t going to give in

It’s like they just know you want them and they resist you. So, what about those times when you are working on your computer and they want to walk all over your keyboard?! You don’t go scratching up their arms as a result.


1063605846_7991778454_zSource: Rob Lee via Flickr

3. Waking up at 3AM to the sound of a crashing vase, collectible, or other fragile item is normal

This is what superglue is for, right?


1525883191_56342e07ed_zSource: Feliciano Guimarães via Flickr

2. Your cat is weird… but you absolutely love it

While all cats are truly unique, each cat has his or her own thing that makes them a bit of a nutcase. But you wouldn’t have it any other way. And you can’t get enough of that crazy scurry across the room and those squirrely meows.


9402330457_4d42f49af8_z-2Source: Onesharp via Flickr

1. Just Thinking About Your Cat Makes You Smile

The love of a cat can last a lifetime, and even when that cat passes on one day, you will always hold a special place for them in your heart–no matter what!