9 Pics & 1 Video Proves Cats Love Dogs

Protective and fierce to those in jeopardy, cats will be the hero anyone needs, dogs included.

And for anyone who doesn’t believe it, a 13-second clip from a vet’s office will change your mind.

In the video, a veterinarian and a tech give a small dog a vaccination. The dog of course doesn’t care for getting a shot and the cat watching from afar isn’t a fan either. In a show of concern, the cat rushes the doctor and attacks his leg to save the dog!

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Cats, Defenders of the Wronged

At first the cat seems to just be keeping a watchful eye on what’s going on with the dog. But as soon as the vet fully puts his back to the cat, also cutting off the view, the fierce feline makes a move.

RM Videos/YouTube

The cat makes it to the table and stands up to investigate as the dog struggles in grip of the doctor and tech.

Oh, the cat does not like what’s going on at the table. To defend the dog, the tough tabby lunges, attacking the vet’s leg with vigor. The vet is surprised, but holds onto the dog and quickly jerks his leg from harm’s way.

RM Videos/YouTube

The vet grabs his thigh, obviously in pain from the attack. But the cat has already bounded to a safe distance, but remains to watch, tail swishing. Most likely making sure the message was received, stop hurting my dog buddy!

RM Videos/YouTube

So, this clip proves cats actually care about dogs.

Not convinced? Check out these cat and dog buddies…

These fur brothers share love and the sweetest of cat and dog nose kisses…


Alie and Zora always have each other’s backs, even during a nap!


A beautiful portrait of cat and dog bonding…


Oh, even little kitties love doggies!


Milo and Moki have agreed, “Wherever you go, I go too”…


Sometimes a kitty can help a dog friend best by being a good pillow…


And when discussing the love between cats and dogs, Henry and Baloo must be mentioned…


A bespectacled dachshund tells a kitten, “I see we will be great friends!”


Just a cat and a dog enjoying some sunshine while gardening together…


See, cats and dogs can be the tightest of friends, doing everything from napping to adventuring together. This is cuteness you can believe!

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Feature Image: @henrythecoloradodog/Instagram

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