8 Not To Miss Tips For New Cat Owners

We think a cat can make for the best pet in the world. To truly love a cat, you must learn to accept them for their what they are – unpredictable and quirky which is something unique and unlike any other pet. If you let them, they will find a way to warm your heart with their affection and loving nature. Here are some helpful tips to transition into a life with the purrrfect companion: cat-197175_640

1. Remember, cats are NOT dogs

Cats are independent by nature, and at times prefer their solitude. Try not to get too discouraged if your new kitty doesn’t greet you at the door upon arrival and remember that this is just who they are. Your new kitten/cat may take a little while to warm up to you, especially if they are from a shelter or rescue, so take it easy on them when they give you a little cattitude (yes we love cat puns).

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