Product Review for Bird Catcher PRO EX

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on November 30, 2014


My Bird Catcher PRO EX package arrived via Amazon only two days after ordering, much to my surprise. I was pleased to find that the Bird Catcher PRO EX came in a sleek case, with each feather toy individually packaged. The assembly was rather simple, with the hooks attaching to the wand handle of the toy like you would fasten a safety pin.


My cat immediately took to the toy, instantly incited by the feathers. The wands retractable feature is great for teasing your cat, and you can even pretend as if you are ‘casting out’ the feathers like you would if you were using a fishing rod. I taunted the cat, but when he was lucky, I let him catch it. I highly recommend this toy for anyone with a cat that enjoys playing, as my little guy never grew tired of the Bird Catcher PRO EX even after several minutes of play. With the high quality of the product, I’m sure that Mr. Purple and I will enjoy endless play action with this wonderful toy.