7 Things Only Maine Coon Cat Owners Understand

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on June 8, 2015

Maine Coon cats are known for many things. For people that own these cats they know all too well the interesting characteristics that their large cat possesses. We may not have all the things in just this list, but we can certainly say that this list of 10 things only Maine Coon cat owners understand is right up your alley if you have one in your home–or ever have for that matter!

2053857019_8756f85dbf_zSource: John Haslam via Flickr

8. Meow? More Like a “Trill”

5167143646_2f9ddc4f9c_zSource: Jorbasa Fotografie via Flickr

7. Your Cat Isn’t Fat, Just “Big Boned”

6934860848_541bfeae77_zSource: Scotty Emerle via Flickr

6. Your Cat is Not a Wild Cat, Although Some Might Be Convinced–Especially When They Love Bringing Home Their Kill

16222565528_0df92d4ba4_zSource: Jorbasa Fotografie via Flickr

5. Maine Coons Are Some of the Biggest Goofball Cats out There

358192758_bd9cf995db_zSource: Fox キヨ via Flickr

4. They Give Shedding a Whole New Definition in the Heat of Summer

3205454190_877f0260eb_zSource: Rob Marquardt via Flickr

3. This Is a Cat That Loves to Eat–Like Really Loves It

6674898999_92eb5f8f30_zSource: Melanie Bellgardt via Flickr

2. Your Cat is Not Related to a Raccoon… Seriously Who Thought of That?!

5552840549_f7cde91609_zSource: Sarah and Jason via Flickr

1. Yes, You Know You Have a Large Cat–Larger Than Most People’s Dogs

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