5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Bombay

One thing is for certain, this is one cool looking cat breed. From their satin black coats to their enchanting eyes, the Bombay cat looks almost supernatural. You obviously recognize this breed from their striking physical appearance, but what else do you think you may know about this cat breed? Take a look at our 5 fun facts about the Bombay:

9074065356 4037558f44 zSource: Teakwood via Flickr

1. The Name Isn’t for What You May Be Thinking…

This manmade breed was named for an exotic port in India, which is the well-known city of Bombay. Fun fact: This is one black cat from head to toe, even including their black paw pads!

3185426882 48d3821f66 zSource: Dennis Hamilton via Flickr

2. Super Affectionate Cats–With a Bit of a Clingy Side

These cats are reportedly known for being extremely affectionate to their owners, so much so that they love following them around–earning the the nickname “velcro cats” as a result.

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3. Little Black Panther Doppelgänger Kitties

A cross between a sable Burmese and a black American Shorthair is what created this beautiful looking mini-panther cat with a coat so shiny and smooth it fools your eyes into thinking their fur is that of patent leather. And even as majestic as their shiny coats is those copper penny piercing eyes that jump right out at you.

10166854623 a18b8e683e zSource: Se Re via Flickr

4. Naturally Inquisitive and Loves to Do Tricks!

These cats are super smart and naturally curious with a desire to discover new things. Because of this, many Bombay owners have been able to successfully teach their cat how to do tricks–particularly how to fetch!

New Jersey Meadowlands Commission DeKort Park Lyndhurst NJ USA
New Jersey Meadowlands Commission, DeKort Park, Lyndhurst, NJ, USA

Source: Steven Reynolds via Flickr

5. Watch What They Eat

The Bombay might deceive you if you were to pick one up, with their satin black coats masking the density of their body. Because these cats are naturally more dense than most cats, it’s important to monitor their food intake so that you don’t wind up with an overweight kitty on your hands. If you’re looking for a loyal, spirited, shiny black kitty, then the Bombay cat breed may be just the one for you!

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