7 Reasons Why A Cat Is The Perfect Best Friend

 For anyone who has a cat, it’s hard not to fall in love with them once your bond has been established. Cats are loving, have the ability to read our emotions, and make us feel special with their desire to be near us whenever we are around.

They say that dog’s are a man’s best friend, but cats, they can be the perfect best friend for just about anyone if you let them into your heart. We know we can’t cover every single reason why, but here are some of the 7 best ones that prove why cat BFFs rule:

 SUPER SUNRISE KEMPSource: anaa yoo via Flickr

1. Cats are Independent

While cats love to be near you, they are also cool about giving you space when they know that you need it. Dogs are obviously clingier than cats, and by respecting your space (especially when you may need it) this can make you love your cat best friend even more.

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2. They Know Just When You Need Them

For anyone that’s ever had a loyal and loving cat, you know exactly what it’s like when that special cat cozies up to you in your time of need. Whether it’s after a long day at the office or when you’re feeling blue, cats have the ability to read us like no other. With a simple touch of their paw or brushing up against you, when we look into their big eyes they melt our hearts with the way they choose to be near us when we’re feeling down.

 14899728589 35684f0833 z 2Source: Tom Godber via Flickr

3. They are Super Smart!

Everyone knows that cats are one of the smartest animals of all, and we beam with pride and marvel at their wits when they astound us with their knowledge. If we’d like our cat to adhere to any rules, they catch on fast and impress us with their quick learning abilities. And the litter box? That’s child’s play to a cat; they can master the art of being tidy even as a young kitten. Many cats have even been taught tricks, or have hidden talents that can amaze us with each unveiling.

168487867 1299b437a2 zSource: Tommy Hemmert Olesen via Flickr

4. Cats Always Keep Us Entertained

Quirky and undeniably adorable, the funny things that cats do keeps us on our toes and sometimes even laughing out loud. Cats can find the most trivial item to be amusing, as you know, and provide themselves with endless entertainment from the simplest of things. Cardboard boxes, string, shoelaces, the list continues of all the things cats will amuse themselves with that will have us cracking up while watching them play. Just don’t give your cat BFF any toilet paper, unless you want it shredded all over the floor as a result!

IMG 1045(photo of my cat, Mr. Purple, with his BFF, Annabelle)

5. They are Happy to See Us When We Walk in the Door

Cats are so smart, that it can be argued that they really do have a sense of time. If you leave your cat unattended for an extended period of time, they may not be too happy about it. As a result you can find them noticeably near you for a lengthy period of time afterwards. This is their way of saying they missed you, and “don’t leave me for so long” again.

 10224381974 353c795504 zSource: Mona via Flickr

6. Cats Give Us Those Meows We Can’t Resist

From the time that they were tiny babies and could cozy up right in the palm of your hand, they’ve been divvying out those cutesy meows that we simply cannot resist. What started as a simple squeak, now can have a guttural groan at times–especially when it’s time for a feeding. Whatever that meow may be, we can’t resist their urges to talk to us. With each perfect meow they have us wrapped around their paw just that much more.

6197402530 9d88f6a663 zSource: Mohammed Mustafa via Flickr

7. Cats Keep it Real

While some cats are obviously more affectionate than others, pretty much all cats command your attention at times with some level of affection. And when cats are ready to get their bonding time on, they don’t care what you are doing because they want to be No. 1, no matter what. Working on the computer? Trying to catch up on some reading? Nope. Not with my furry body sitting on your lap looking up and you and meowing sweetly. But we can’t resist, and really, we don’t mind one bit. This is the very definition of what best friends are for–making us feel super special and very loved!

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