5 Safe Outdoor Options for Your Indoor Cat

| Published on August 24, 2015

It’s no surprise that indoor cats live longer and healthier lives without the risks of being hit by cars, attacked by other animals (or humans), or contracting diseases. Our heartstrings can get pulled, though, when our playful and curious cats sit at the window pining for the outdoors. The good news is that these days there are quite a few options for letting your cat explore the great outdoors without compromising her health or safety.


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1. Leash
Teaching a cat to walk on a leash can take some patience, but ultimately is a great way to let your cat explore. Choose a leash attached to a harness instead of a throat collar to avoid choking. The adjustable harness will also cradle your cat in a way that will comfort and calm her while she ventures into unknown territory.


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2. Carrier

A large carrier with mesh sides can do more than help transport your cat to veterinarian appointments; it can also safely give your cat a breath of fresh air. Choose a carrier that’s big enough to give your cat some room to turn around and lay down. As a bonus, using a carrier for fun functions like this will make for less stressful travel in the future.


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3. Catio
Catios– free-standing structures that provide cats with ample outside space– are quickly growing in popularity. There are a few commercial versions available, but there are also a lot of great DIY tutorials if you’re crafty.



Image Source: VIVO via Amazon.com

4. Stroller
A stroller is a great way to safely take your cat for a walk around your neighborhood if she doesn’t love the leash (or even if she does). The enclosed stroller will allow her to lounge while she watches the world move around her.



Image Source: Easywin via Amazon.com

5. Front Pouch
A front pouch will let your kitty see the world while being close to her human and away from the threat of predators.



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