5 Reasons We Love, Love, LOVE Senior Cats!

| Published on November 1, 2015

We’re always thrilled to celebrate our golden-yeared feline friends! If we’re lucky enough to spend as much time as possible with our cats, we’ll be with them as they become seniors and help them navigate all of the change that comes along with it. There are bound to be some challenges when you’re caring for an elderly kitty, but they’re beat by the benefits.


Image Source: Andreas Thell via Flickr.com

#1- They’re Calmer
The calmness of senior cats was never so apparent to me than when my 15-year old cat and I adopted a stray kitten into our family in 2012. The contrast of their energy levels was truly amazing. While the kitten ran around the house at top speed, leaving a wake of destruction, sweet old Pippi stayed cool as a cucumber. By the time cats hit seniorhood they’ve mostly outgrown their wild streaks.


Image Source: J via Flickr.com

#2 – They Nap a Lot, and Napping Cats Are Cute
If you think your cat naps a lot now, just wait til she becomes a senior! Older cats love to sleep more than they love most things. If you’re lucky, this will include naps on your lap and snuggling with you at night. Personally, there’s not much that calms me quicker than watching a cat take a nap.


Image Source: emdot via Flickr.com

#3 – They’re Sassy
Senior cats know what they like and don’t like, and aren’t afraid to tell you with a scowl or swat. She may not have as much patience for your antics anymore, but as long as you respect her sass it can be quite endearing.


Image Source: Supernan via Flickr.com

#4 – Less Destructive
Senior cats are much more attracted to napping and staring out windows than they are in chewing your shoelaces and knocking over your potted plants. As long as her litter box is kept clean and accessible, senior cats are generally very respectful and uninterested in destruction.


Image Source: Nil Majra via Flickr.com

#5 – Predictable
By the time your cat is a senior she’ll already have a fully developed personality and routine. What you see is what you get. You’ll know where to scratch her to get a purr and where to avoid if you don’t want to get swatted. You’ll know, understand, and love each other’s quirks. Your long, established history will give you an unbreakable bond. What could be better than that?

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