Kitten Shows Up On Doorstep, Demands To Be Adopted

Written by: Kat Keeter
| Published on November 2, 2015

You know what they say… sometimes we don’t choose our cats, they choose us!

In the case of this black kitty, he decided who was going to adopt him. He showed up on a family’s doorstep and basically demanded they take him in! He meows, purrs and rubs against the legs of his new owner as if to say, “I have marked you and you are mine now”! After having no response to their “found” posters and discovering the kitty was not micro-chipped, they named him Charbon and gave him a forever home.

What a happy ending for this chatty kitty! We bet there’s never a dull moment with Charbon around. Share this video with all those cat lovers in your life!