5 Rare & Beautiful Cat Breeds

Looking for something other than the “run of the mill” domestic shorthair? Check out these breeds, some of which are not even recognized by the  Cat Fancier’s Association yet.

#1 – Chausie



Pronounced “chow-see,” this striking feline has been bred to preserve its likeness to its ancestor the Jungle Cat. Often referred to as a mini cougar, they are good hunters and very agile. (Source: The International Cat Association)

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#2 – Kurilian Bobtail



This rare breed is not recognized by the Cat Fancier’s Association, so finding one state-side can be tricky. A playful, social breed, their “pom-pom” tail is their most distinguishing feature – no two tails are alike. (Source: The International Cat Association)

#3 – LaPerm



A relatively new cat, the LaPerm breed came from a kitten with a rex mutation Linda Koehl found on her farm in 1982. This adorably feline has a short and long hair variety. The longhair resembles a sheep and has easy to care for fur. (source: The International Cat Association)

#4 – NeBelung



Another cat “born” in the 80’s this breed has a German name and Russian origins. It’s known for a luxurious blue coat and a shy nature.(source: The International Cat Association)

#5 – PeterBald



This Russian breed is known for its strange coat type, which can be: hairless, fuzzy like a peach, short and velvety, or bristly. They are extremely outgoing and affectionate – often meeting visitors at the door and following you wherever you go. (Source: The International Cat Association))

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