5 Fun DIY Perches Your Cat Will Love

| Published on June 23, 2016

It’s no wonder why cats love to perch. Being high above the ground allows them to survey their environment, stay safe from predators, and sneakily hunt prey, while also getting a bit of exercise from climbing and jumping. Perching is so important to cats that they’ll often create their own perching spots on bookshelves or dressers if others aren’t provided. Store-bought perches and cat trees aren’t always the most reasonable option, since a decent cat tree can cost several hundred dollars (ouch!). If you’re motivated and crafty, though, you can build a perch yourself for much less. Here are 5 DIY perches your cat will love.

DIY Carpeted Cat Shelves
Source: chezlin via YouTube

YouTube user chezlin loves making videos about DIY projects and sometimes her cat benefits from her craftiness. If you have a blank wall in your home, consider making some simple, carpeted shelves to give your cat a place to perch, nap, and play. Check out chezlin’s YouTube channel for more cat-related DIY projects, too!

DIY Cat Tower
Source: dadand.com

Image Source: dadand.com
Image Source: dadand.com

Marty from dadand.com, a self-proclaimed “blog about DIY, How-To, Family + Gadgets”, was appalled by the prices of the cat trees available in stores so he decided to build his own for $125 less than retail! Read his detailed post Build a DIY Cat Condo, Kitty Tower, Scratching Post, Cat Tree or download more straight-to-the-point directions here.

DIY Window Perch
Source: Joe Lydic via YouTube

Joe built this DIY window perch to give his cat a place to relax out of reach from their large dog, but this would be a great addition to a dog-less home too. For added fun, place a bird feeder outside of the window after you install this perch.

DIY Cat Hammock
Source: Uta Gmuu via YouTube

If you want to create more perching spots for your cat but you’re low on space, a hammock that hangs under a kitchen chair may be perfect! This hammock is super simple to make and uses tools and supplies most of us have laying around.

DIY Wall-Mounted Cat Tree
Source: Practical Engineering via YouTube

YouTube user Practical Engineering got a kitten (Hank) for Christmas. To keep Hank safe from their family dog, as well as giving him a place to eat and perch, he built something pretty cool– a cross between a cat tree and cat shelves. Lucky cat!

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