5 Cat Breeds That Love To Chat


Cats are all individuals with their own quirks and personalities. Some are more vocal than others, but there are several breeds known for being rather talkative. Owners of these breeds know all too well how demanding their little felines can be and how easily they’ll let you know what’s on their minds. As much of a nuisance as some might expect it to be, we cat lovers find it rather endearing. There are exceptions to every rule of course, but these breeds are known for being quite chatty.

#1 – Siamese

Image source: Deann Barrera

The Siamese is one of the most widely recognized breeds for its unique markings, but also because of its outgoing personality. They are very intelligent and social cats, known for being somewhat dog-like and even enjoying games of fetch with their owners. Siamese are so vocal they are often compared to human babies as they will cry to demand attention from their humans.

#2 – Sphynx

Image source: Jill Carlson

The Sphynx is renowned for its lack of a coat and unique appearance. Their skin is not completely hairless and has tiny, fine hairs and a feeling described as similar to chamois. They are very energetic and extroverted cats and are known for greeting their owners or demanding attention using their voices. Although they might not look very cuddly, Sphynx cats are very affectionate.

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