5 Benefits Of Adopting Cats In Sets Of Two

Are you thinking about adopting a new cat? Great! Adding a cat to your family will give you immeasurable amounts of love, comfort, and happiness. While you search for the perfect cat to compliment your personality and lifestyle, consider whether you’re able to provide a stable home for two. Adopting two cats at once can provide great benefits to both you and the cats.

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#1 – Pre-made friends If you’re adopting from a shelter or rescue organization, the staff may be able to tell you if the cat you’re adopting is particularly bonded with another resident cat. Even if there isn’t an established bond, two cats from the same organization will already be familiar with the other’s respective scent and temperament. That sense of familiarity may help them bond quicker once they’re out of the hectic shelter environment. Related: 6 Ways To Keep The Peace In A Multi-Cat Home

#2 – Easier adjustment
A cat will adjust to your home quicker if there’s another cat around who is already familiar and trusted. Cats look to each other (as well as humans they trust) for cues when they’re feeling unsure about their environment.

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#3 – Exercise partner Cats require a lot of exercise to stay physically and mentally active. Adopting two cats at once will give each cat a built-in playmate and exercise partner. Related: 9 Positive Ways To Encourage A Lazy Cat To Be More Active

#4 – More affection
Adopting two cats will mean more affection for both you and them. You may see them curled up together napping in a sunbeam in the morning, then curled up with you at night.

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#5 – You’ll save twice as many lives
Many shelters stay at full capacity year-round and may have to turn other cats away if they don’t have the space or resources to properly care for them. When you adopt two cats, you make double the amount of room at the shelter so more lives can be saved.

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