10 Ways to Celebrate Your Cat’s Birthday

| Published on November 8, 2014

Celebrating cats come pretty naturally to those who adore them. Since most of us consider our four-legged pals fuzzy family members, it’s only obvious that we enjoy celebrating their birthdays! Whether you know your kitty’s actual birth date or you just want to honor the day he came home with you from the shelter, we’ve got some great ideas to help you get the fun started!

#1 – Pick the Perfect Location


Location choice will depend on a number of different factors, such as the time of year, and the number of guests. If you cat and his buddies are familiar with leash walks and wearing harnesses outside, you can certainly have an outdoor party. But most prefer to keep their kitties indoors.

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#2 – Drinks & Snacks


Be sure to have plenty of fresh water available for your kitty and her guests to enjoy! When it comes to snacks, however, make sure to check with the other owners about any ingredients you might want to avoid. Some cats have very sensitive tummies and can be allergic to certain ingredients. You certainly don’t want to give out anything that would harm your guests!

#3 – Cake!


This is one of the best parts of the party! Following the same guidelines for choosing snacks, try to find or make a cake with ingredients that your guests should be safe eating. There are more and more pet bakeries popping up every week, and tons of cat-friendly cakes and treats can be made from simple ingredients in your home! In fact, you might have as much fun baking the cake with your kitty as you do feeding it to him!

#4 – Set Up a Photo Booth


Just like human parties, cat parties can be full of fun entertainment! A photo booth is a great way to capture wonderful memories while also giving cat owners a souvenir to take home and cherish forever. Let’s face it, we’re all constantly taking photos of our cats anyway. So why not have some fun dressing up your feline with props and snapping some photos?

#5 – Make It a Costume Party


If you and your kitty enjoy dressing up outside of the photo booth, you can certainly turn your cat’s birthday party into a costume party! Create a theme for other owners to work on, or simply just let them show up in their best outfits!

#6 – Enjoy Some Catnip


Cats love catnip, and it will certainly help get them ready for the party. Even a small amount will bring out their silliest behaviors, and there’s no better way to celebrate your kitty’s special day than by being in such a great mood!

#7 – Hold a Talent Show


Does your cat or any of her friends know any special tricks? Holding a kitty talent show will give you and your guests and opportunity to enjoy the cat’ tricks and individuality! While cats certainly aren’t as easy to train as their canine counterparts, any kitty that’s willing to work for some treats can be taught a couple of things using a clicker. If nobody knows any tricks or special behaviors, turn it into a kitty training seminar!

#8 – Donate Gifts


We know your kitty loves new toys, and you certainly don’t want to take away from her special day; but think about all of the other kitties in need of homes. When giving your guests an idea on what to bring for a birthday gift, consider creating a donation basket that you can bring to your local shelter. Find out what shelters need most, and encourage your guests to bring those items to donate instead of another toy or more treats for your own cat.

#9 – Have a Treat Eating Contest


It’s not secret that cats love food, so why not make a game out of it? Pet bakeries make mini pies, muffins and cakes and are a great treat to use in an eating contest. If you’re not close to a pet bakery, you can make these treats at home too! Make sure each owner has a hold of their cat so that none of the kitties get angry with each other over the food, and see who eats the treats the fastest!

#10 – Make Sure to Supervise


While you likely know your friends and their cats well, disagreements between them can and do happen. Make sure that no cats are left unsupervised together at any time, and make sure to keep an eye on their behavior around treats and toys. While they may be best friends outside of the yard, a cat might become possessive over their favorite item and aggress and their friend. Always make sure that your cat and his guests have met each other before in a neutral area and get along there. Always be prepared for anything to happen, and you’re likely to have a fun, safe party!

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