5 Hairless Cat Breeds You Might Not Know About

| Published on November 8, 2014

While many people long for the thick, luscious coats of Persians and Ragdolls, others prefer something a little different. Whether they consider it a rarity or simply want less time spent grooming their feline friends, hairless cat breeds are becoming more and more popular. While they do need certain care taken when it comes to prevent skin problems, these hairless cats remain quite unique looking and are certainly much less popular than their fuzzy counterparts!

#1 – Bambino


Bambino cats are still considered an experimental breed under The International Cat Association’s standards, but they are certainly growing more and more popular. With an Italian name that means “baby,” these hairless kitties are bred to stay small. To help with this, they are a munchkin breed with very short legs!

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#2 – Donskoy


The Donskoy is a Russian breed that came about in 1987, and was recognized by TICA in 2005. While many other hairless cats appear so because of a recessive gene, the Donskoy’s hairlessness is actually a dominant trait.

#3 – Ukrainian Levkoy


This breed is not only unique due to its hairlessness, but also because of its ears. The ears of the Levkoy are folded forward, and along with its large head give it a dog-like appearance. The breed was developed in Ukraine by breeding Scottish Fold cats to the Donskoy.

Photo by Nickolas Titkov via Flickr.

#4 – Peterbald


Peterbalds are another Russian breed that resulted from an experimental breeding of a Donskoy cat to an Oriental Shorthair. The breed therefore resembles a hairless Siamese. They were recognized by TICA in 2009, and have been gaining in popularity since. The breed is also known for its sweet, docile temperament.

#5 – Sphynx


Perhaps the most well-known hairless cat is the Sphynx. Not only is the Sphynx one of the original hairless cat breeds, its extroverted temperament makes it a popular house companion. They are considered a very intelligent and fun-loving breed.

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