10 Steps To Follow If Your Cat Goes Missing

What you do in the first 24 hours after realizing your cat has gone missing can make all the difference in whether you find her again. Follow these steps to help bring her home safely.

#1 -Walk the Neighborhood


It could be that your kitty just took a short stroll, so walk (don’t drive) around your neighborhood. Be sure to bring a nice tasty and smelly treat to get her to come.  Pay special attention to other house with cats, as they are often an attraction.

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#2 – Call Your Neighbors


Immediately let everyone in the area know, so they can keep any out for your kitty. Give them photos if they do not know what your cat looks like and food, so they can try to entice to them if they see her.

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#3 – Call The Shelters, Animal Control, & Rescues

Next, contact the shelters and rescues and give them a description of your cat, in case your kitty is turned in. Unfortunately, most shelters will not tell you if they have a pet matching that description in their facility, but if you call ahead, they may take your name down. Can’t hurt to try. (Image Source: @JeffreyBeall via Flickr)

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#4 – Call Local Vets


If your kitty was injured, someone may have taken him to a vet. Call all the local vets to check. Leave your name and number with them in case someone drops him off at a later time. (Image Source: @TonyAlter via Flickr)

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#5 – Post Online

Posting a lost pet ad on Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, etc., is free and you never know, someone might check. These are also good places to look for “found” ads.(Image Source: @Jamie’sTeam via Flickr)

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#6 – Issue An Animal Alert


Lostmykitty.com is a national recognized site that sends out an amber alert-type message to neighbors. They claim to have an 85% success rate, so it’s worth the time. (Image Source: @LostMyKitty.com)

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#7 – Make Flyers

It may seem old fashioned, but they still serve a purpose. Post them on the street, vets, local café, grocery stores, etc. (Image Source: @Torbakhopper via Flickr)

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#8 – Set Live Traps


If your kitty is flighty and not likely to come to strangers, set-up live traps in
a 2 mile radius from your house. Studies have shown most cats travel up to 1
mile from their home, but they have tracked cats traveling up to 2.5miles in a
day, so the a 2 mile radius would cover your bases. (Source: http://lostpetresearch.com) (Image Source: @Havahart)

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#9 – Keep a Door Open


If at all possible, leave your kitty a way to get in your house, in case they come home in the middle of the night, or when you are gone. (Image Source: @teresatrimm via Flickr)

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#10 – Re-Check


After the first 24 hours, re-walk your neighborhood every couple of days. If your cat had been scared and in hiding, she may be ready to come out when she hears your voice a second or third time. Also, follow up with all the shelters, rescues, and vets you had originally called in case your cat did come in and they misplaced your information. (Image Source: @Pierra-Selim via Flickr)

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