10 Ridiculous Cat Products You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

You love cats. We love cats. We both love cat things. But do you ever wonder if some of the stuff we find might be a little too overboard? Afterall, we don’t really want to turn into that crazy cat lady (or cat man). In case you’ve been lacking in your search for unique cat products, for you or your fluffy friend, we’ve compiled a great list of items (in no particular order) that are so ridiculous you won’t believe they actually exist!

#1 – Cat Butt Coasters


Yes, these are real. They’re even a little bit cute. But while we may think they’re funny, our cat-hating friends might not enjoy setting their nice cup of coffee on these hand-crafted kitty butts. These are available at Etsy, and believe it or not, are on back-order until August!

#2 – Pet Armoire


Most of us are guilty of pampering our pets, but buying them their own armoire seems a little extreme. I mean, how many outfits does your cat have anyway? This and other pet armoires are available for $259+ at Amber’s Armoire.

#3 – Cat Wheel


Yes. This is what you’re seeing. Our dogs get walked. Our hamsters have wheels. Why don’t our cats get to have any fun? Well, now they can! In fact, this 4-foot cat wheel will get them into tip-top shape. Maybe you can get the kids on there too. See all sorts of cat wheels at The Pet Wheel Company; pictured available for $529.

 #4 – Litter Kwitter


Have an indoor cat? Hate litter boxes? Never fear – Litter Kwitter is here! This…um, unique contraption is used to train your cats to use the human toilet on the regular. Don’t know how to train a cat? Not to worry, the Litter Kwitter comes with an instructional DVD! Available for $59.00.

#5 – Cat Crib


COME ON. This is actually awesome. What cat doesn’t need a hammock? Even Cat Fancy Magazine rated the Cat Crib as one of the best cat products of the year for 2012. If buying this makes me a crazy cat lady, I might just have to accept it. Available at Cat Crib for $29.

#6 – Fantasy Tree


Anything called a Fantasy Tree is worth looking into. In this case, we were not left empty handed. For anyone tired of the boring carpet cat trees around, you can spice things up with the Fantasy Tree. You can view the three different types of Fantasy Tree at their website. Perhaps most shocking is that these trees range from 2-feet tall and roughly $500 to 10-feet tall and over $2,000 – and they’re on back-order until October 2015!

#7 – Kitt-in Box Cat Perch


Alright, so cats do admittedly enjoy sitting on our keyboards every time we want to use the computer. It’s what they do. They strive to be in our way constantly. But even with this option – do we think they’ll really stay there? Go ahead and give it a shot, and let us know what you think! Available for $29 at The Redefined Feline.

#8 – Cat-Shaped Lipstick


Feeling creative with your make-up? Love cats? Paul & Joe Beaute thought the two would go well together with this cat-shaped lipstick. Unfortunately, the product is no longer available.

#9 – Inflatable Unicorn Horn


We really can’t help but love these, even though the cat in this photo looks far less amused. The inflatable unicorn horn is a great way to spice up your kitty’s wardrobe for the next party or get him ready for Halloween. If he likes it, let him wear it every day! Available at Amazon.com for $6. Magical powers not included.

#10 – Toothpaste Dispenser


Are you missing the cute toothpaste bottles you had as a child? That’s why Toothpaste Oscar is here! Screw this strange looking feline onto your toothpaste bottle and enjoy brushing your teeth as the paste oozes out of his mouth…just ignore the fact that he, for some reason, only has one arm. Available at the appropriately-titled Perpetual Kid for $3.49.


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