10 Must-Have Products for Senior Cats

| Published on July 14, 2014

As your cat ages, her needs change. Having these products will help your kitty enjoy her golden years more.

#1 – Ramps For Cat Trees

As your kitty ages, jumping up on cat trees, couches, window sills, etc., because harder and even impossible. However, this does not mean your cat does not want to hang out in high places. Help them out by buying tress with ramps, and/or adding ramps to existing furniture. (Image Source: @DrsFostersandSmith)


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#2 – Heated Bed

Just like people, older kitties can have a hard time staying warm and can suffer from join point. A headed bed can keep them warm and ease their joint pain, making them more comfortable. (Image Source: @Bill&VickiT
via Flickr)


#3 – Soft Bristle Brush

Your senior cat may need to be groomed even more than a young cat that is grooming himself on a regular basis. Using a nice soft brush will ensure you don’t pull on their sensitive skin or accidently scratch them. (Image Source: @DrsFostersandSmith)


#4 – Easy Access Litter Box

As their mobility decreases, makes sure your kitty can still access the litterbox, otherwise they won’t use it. If you have been using a top entry or enclosed litter box, you may need to switch to a low, easy to access litter box. For cats with bad hips or legs, you may need to switch to potty pads. This automatic one is nice because it has a ramp to help the kitty up, and it collects the litter. (Image source: DerikDeLong via Flickr)


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#5 – Waterless Shampoo

As kitties get older, they sometimes have a harder time keeping themselves clean. They may not be able bend as well, they are too heavy to reach everywhere, or they just do not have the energy. Waterless shampoo can help keep your older cat smelling and looking clean. (Image Source: @IHeartPetHead)


#6 – Canned Food

As they lose their teeth, it can be hard for your cat to chew dry kibble. It’s also harder for them to digest. Having canned food on hand makes you prepared if you noticed your cat is having a hard time crunchy their kibble, is throwing it up, or is constipated. It also helps entice the elderly cat to eat, which can be difficult.


#7 – Cat Diapers

Your kitty might not make it to the litter box anymore to do his business. That’s where these cat diapers, called “piddle pants” come in handy. They work just like a diaper and help you avoid having to clean up after your cat all the time. (Image source: Joybies.com)


#8 – Supplements

Your aging cat is going to need different minerals and nutrients than he did when he was younger. Talk to your vet about which supplements you should add to his diet to optimize his nutrition.


#9 – Low-Lying Cat Scratcher

Senior kitties can often have trouble reaching their paws up and scratching something upright, like the typical cat scratching post. Make sure your kitty continues to use appropriate items to sharpen those claws by purchasing scratching products that lay on the ground, versus upright. (Image source: MonsleurGordon via Flickr)


#10 – Cooling Mat

In the summer months, keep your senior kitty happy with a cooling mat. It will help your kitty not get heatstroke can sooth aches and pains associated with old age. (@CoolingVests)


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