8 Ways To Make Your Senior Cat More Comfortable

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on December 3, 2014

Getting old isn’t easy, especially when the one growing older is your feline companion approaching the end of their nine lives. In the years since they’ve entered your life you’ve learned to love them unconditionally and the thought of life without them may be painful to bear. Here are some ways to make your senior cat more comfortable, because by showing them that you care this will prove to kitty just how much they mean to you.


1. Make sure your cat has their own special place to nap

Older cats spend even more time snoozing than your younger felines, so be sure that they have a nice and quiet place to reside when catching up on their Z’s. Many older cats like to keep warm, so putting a cat bed next to a windowsill might be a great idea for them to stay both comfy and cozy.

 8088723838_fc27a10d8e_zSource: @M B via Flickr

2. Raise their food bowl up so it’s easier on them

When kitty gets older, they may have difficulty bending all the way down to eat out of their food bowls. At any local pet store you can find a stand that raises the bowls up onto a platform, this way it’s easier on your senior cat who may start grazing on several small meals per day. Also, make sure you’re giving an appropriate food for a senior cat.

35776501_3ff347eb44_oSource: @irrational_cat via Flickr

3. Change your cat’s diet to better suit their needs

Now that your cat has reached the golden years, they may need a change in their diet to accommodate their old age. Ask your cat’s veterinarian what they suggest before switching brands or blends.

2060373307_ce2261cf81_zSource: @Suzi Duke via Flickr

4. Incorporate some exercise in during quality time

An older cat with a case of arthritis really needs light daily exercise to better their condition. Try any fishing pole toy, like the Bird Catcher PRO EX to entertain your older cat while working out the kinks.

3708734526_e35d553387_zSource: @writingortyping via Flickr

5. If you have other kitties in the household, be sure to let your oldest know they have seniority

This is very important for maintaining a healthy balance, so when divvying out treats or displays of affection be sure to let older kitty go first. Letting them know that they still sit at the top of the invisible throne is necessary for them to feel properly acclimated in the home they share.


6. Be extra gentle when handling your senior cat

When your cat was younger, if they not so accidentally jumped up on the counter they would land right on their feet if you shooed them right off. Now that your cat has reached the golden years they may not be near as agile as they used to, so be mindful of this when handling them.

6759245781_7921be45e8_zSource: @Byron Chin via Flickr

7. Understand that your older cat may need you more

If your older cat seems to be a bit more bothersome with age, remember that they may be acting super-needy as a way of seeking comfort. It’s very well possible that your older cat may be acting clingier than usual as a way of expressing their fears about losing touch with their once keen abilities. Give kitty a break if they are a being a bit of a pain, and know that they are only leaning on their beloved owner for support.

300092091_8a4504faea_zSource: @Jill via Flickr

8. Help your senior kitty groom themselves

Kittens and younger cats have no problems twisting and contorting their bodies to fix their fluff, but older cats may not be able to move their aging bodies to get those hard to reach places. Show your senior cat that you care by giving them a daily brushing to help them keep their coats tidy.

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