10 “Must Have” Items for Your Cat in The Case of a Disaster

| Published on August 25, 2014

None of us like to think about the “what if” scenarios, but we need to be prepared for them when they do come. Whether it’s an earthquake, flood, hurricane, fire, or anything else Mother Nature can conjure up, we need to be ready to keep our family safe, including the cat. These 10 items are “must-haves” for any disaster preparedness kit.

#1 -Portable Litter Box

VERY important so kitty has somewhere to go regardless of where you end up staying.

#2 – Portable bowls

These are always handy space savers and you can have them packed and ready to go so you don’t have to worry about finding and grabbing your cat’s normal dishes.  Most pet stores carry them too.

#3 – Food & Water

You need water and so does your cat. Have plenty on-hand. If you live somewhere disasters happen a lot, you could save an extra bag of cat food, that’s ready to go. Otherwise, keep some canned food in your kit, since they have a much longer shelf life.

#4 – Crate

Make sure you have something to transport your kitty in and even keep them in if you end up at a shelter, for example. Many fold flat for easy storage, can house multiple cats, and just “pop” to set up. If, however, you have an escape artist, you would be better off with a traditional crate.

#5 – Calming Aids

Nothing stresses a poor kitty out like a natural disaster that causes you to quickly evacuate. Having an anxiety jacket, natural calming oils, and/or a prescription from the vet are must-haves. CBD is a great way to calm anxiety in cats. Cannanine is a great option to calm your cat without making them feel “high”. Get your cat a trial bottle in the iHeartCats store.

#6 – First-aid kit

This is a no-brainer. Make sure you have all the right stuff in case your kitty ends up injured during the chaos.

#7 – Collar and ID tag

Most kitties go “naked,” but if you are moving her to a strange location under stressful situations, she may try to escape. Make sure you have a collar and ID tag you can slip on her so that if she does get away from you, she can be returned.

#8 – Medications

If your cat is on any medication, make sure you keep an extra supply in your preparedness kit. Remember to check expiration dates early to make sure they have not expired.

#9 – Cat Bed or blanket

Be sure to have something ready to go that your cat can curl up in and feel safe. If she has a favorite bed, buy two and keep one in the disaster kit. You can both keep your cat cozy and do good with this blanket from the iHeartCats store – when you buy a blanket, you give a blanket to a shelter pet through our Give Warmth program!

#10 – Cat Harness

Having one of these means your cat does not need to be in her carrier 24/7, even if you end up in a shelter or, heaven forbid, homeless. Save yourself some trouble: choose one that is easy to put on your kitty and comfortable to wear.

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