8 Reasons Your Cat Needs a Buddy

Ever wonder if your bachelor cat would prefer having a friend? While not all cats enjoy the company of another feline, many are much happier with another cat buddy in the home.

#1 -Companionship

Yes your cat has you, but you don’t speak the same language as your cat does. Most cats seem to enjoy the company of another cat so they can share cat secrets. (Image source: @JamesCase via Flickr)


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#2 – Exercise

Cats are sleepers, we know this. But if you have two kitties they will spend time chasing each other which will keep your kitties healthier from routine activity. (Image source: @irish via Flickr)


#3 – Grooming

While cats groom themselves, they seem to particularly enjoying grooming one other. So unless you want to groom your cat with your own tongue, get a second cat. (Image source: @SteveVoght via Flickr)


#4 – Partner in Crime

Getting into trouble is just more fun with you have a buddy. You will find your cat is much more entertaining when he has a buddy to get in on the fun with. (Image source: @alljengi via Flickr)


#5 – Midnight Madness

Does your cat sit on your face in the middle of the night because she is wide-awake and wants attention? Getting a second cat will give your single kitty someone to play with while you sleep.


#6 – Snuggle Buddy

Kitties love a warm place to sleep. With a buddy, that place can be almost anywhere. Plus, there is nothing cuter than kitties snuggling. (Image source: @Violette79 via Flickr)


#7 – Play

Along with exercise, two kitties are more likely to play together (and with you) which will keep them more “kitten like” even into adulthood. Play also stimulates their mind and keeps your kitty healthier due to the added that brain stimulation. (Image source: @Violette79 via Flickr)


#8 – Double the love

And, the final reason? You get twice as much purring, twice as much back arching, and twice as much kneading. Having a buddy for your cat will give you twice as much love too, and no one can have too much of that.


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