10 (Almost) Free Cat Toys

| Published on December 18, 2014

We know that cats love to play, and sometimes they have no interest in the expense cat toys that you bring home for them. Cats can become amused by the simplest things, and you really don’t have to spend a lot of money on things for them to play with.

You can buy your cat a toy, or you can make him something for little to no cost out of things you already own! Here are 10 ideas for the perfect DIY cat toy:

#1 – Toilet Paper Roll 1

This is one of the easiest toys. You don’t even have to do anything with it, just give it your cat and let them bat it around.

Image source: @AlishaVargas via Flickr

#2 – Toilet Paper Roll 2

If you are feeling like you should put some effort into your cat’s toy, take your tp roll and cut fringe on both sides and then fold them over for a windmill-type cat toy.

Image source: @AlishaVargas via Flickr


#3 – Paper Roll Rings

Using a toilet paper or paper towel roll, cut it into slices to make rings. Cats love to carry these around or bat them on hard surfaces.

Image source: Image source: @AlishaVargas via Flickr


#4 – Sock

Take an old sock (your cat doesn’t mind the smell) or one whose mate has been lost to the dryer, and stuff with paper, catnip (marginal cost), or a material that crinkles, and tie off the end. Instant kitty kicker!

Image source: @Rev314159
Image source: @Rev314159 via Flickr


#5 – Plastic Bottle

Take an empty plastic bottle, add some sand, bells, pebbles (whatever noise your kitty likes), glue the top back on and you have another toy perfect for batting or chewing. (If your kitty does like to chew, make sure inside items are nontoxic and take toy away if he chews off any pieces of plastic.)

Image source: @RecicladoCreativo via Flickr

#6 – Paper or Gift Bag

A paper bag is a toy all by itself. Just set one on the ground and let your kitty go. Gather a few bags and cut holes in different sides, so your kitty can crawl in and out of them. If you’ve received a present in a gift bag, let your cat keep the bag to play with…. until he’s destroyed it!

Image source: @WindellOskay via Flickr


#7 – Fishing Pole 1

Do you own a fishing pole that is broken? Instead of throwing it out, attach some string and a toy to the end to make a cat toy your cat will love!

Image source: @JanTik via Flickr
Image source: @JanTik via Flickr


#8 – Fishing Pole 2

Even if you don’t have a broken fishing pole, you can make something similar using a dowel (minimal charge). Simply buy a dowel, drill a hole through one side, run a rope or string through it, tie, and and then attach a toy or feathers at the other end.

Image source: @aprilandrandy via Flickr


#9 – Paper Ball

Okay…ready for this? Take a piece of paper. Crumple it up. Throw it on the floor. Instant cat toy. Perfect for those messed up printer pages or notes you don’t need anymore.

Image source: @BelalKhan via Flickr
Image source: @BelalKhan via Flickr


#10 – Paper Box

Take a cardboard box,  fill it with shredded paper (news or otherwise), and watch your cat go nuts playing in it. It’s like a ball pit for your cat.

Image source: @AlishaVargas via Flickr


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