Your Purchases Fed An Entire Colony of Cats & Kittens

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on January 8, 2020

Your purchases helped feed a whole colony of hungry kitty bellies.

Without your generosity, more than 50 cats in Northville, Michigan, wouldn’t know the comfort of a full tummy.

Thanks to a partnership between and, part of every purchase made goes to shelters striving to give every cat a home. Within the GreaterGood Family, The Rescue Bank is a pet food distribution initiative feeding shelter animals since 2011. Their mission is to help smaller groups with limited resources by “increasing their visibility and providing greater access to supplies.”

Saving Cats and Kittens in Michigan

The Rescue Bank

  • Over 80 million meals fed to shelter animals
  • More than 2,700 shipments to shelters nationwide
  • Donor partners include over 50 national brands
  • Provides food, litter, medicine, crates, toys, and more…

Let’s help The Rescue Bank keep feeding animals by simply buying adorable merchandise.

When you do, shelters like Saving Cats and Kittens in Michigan can continue helping cats just like the “horde colony” of Northville.

When Life Overtakes Good Intentions

A couple in Northville, MI, began feeding the four cats hanging around their property. Hard times hit the small family but they continued to feed the cats. In five years, the unfixed four became an overwhelming colony of 50. The couple contacted Saving Cats and Kittens in Michigan for help.

“When we were called to help, there were kittens under engines, behind rocks and bushes, popping out of boxes, and we rounded up 24 kittens and TNR’d (Trap-Neuter-Return) 12 more after the homeowners had already taken two groups to Michigan Humane Society.”

Saving Cats and Kittens/Facebook

Working in waves to trap the cats, the eventual goal was to medicate, vaccinate, and neuter the felines from large to small. While the more feral adults were returned to the colony site, they weren’t forgotten. The couple and volunteers with the cat and kitten rescue group continued to feed the “safe, managed colony” of feral cats thanks to donations from Rescue Bank.

Saving Cats and Kittens in Michigan/Facebook

But, there were kittens in need of homes. “Lilley, Roberta, Bobby, Rose, Balboa, Remington, Minnie, Mickey, Petunia, Ernie, Emma, Mari, Rocky, Inca, Lyle, Bizzy, Dora, Elsa and 17 more young cats were all rescued from this one property in Northville.”

Kittens Are Costly

With so many young kitty cats to care for, the process of finding homes for them took awhile. The kittens were “vetted and extensive parasite issues were resolved over six months of foster care before they were adopted into good homes.” The vet bills were costly, including Bizzy’s extensive care as he was blocked with bladder crystals. And with so many growing kittens, food was always in demand.

Saving Cats and Kittens in Michigan

“We were able to get through this because’s Rescue Bank was there to help us feed the group.”

Saving Cats and Kittens/Facebook

“Rescue Bank helps us continue to rescue and feed stray cats in need by providing nutritious food at low cost so we can afford to vet the rescued cats properly.”

Shelters and rescue groups, like Saving Cats and Kittens in Michigan, strive to give cats and kittens forever homes. You help with every purchase made and the cats and kittens looking for furever homes thank you too.

Feature Image: Saving Cats and Kittens in Michigan

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