Your New Favorite Shirt Could Feed Dozens Of Shelter Cats

Part of each sale through the iHeartCats store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible.

Caring for homeless pets comes at a cost. Rescues and shelters are challenged with finding funding to properly maintain their facilities and the pets in their care. It’s the funds that keep the lights on. It’s what turns the heat on in the winter and the air conditioner on in the summer. It’s running water, medicine, and food.

Heartland Humane Society


Rescue Bank makes financial burdens a little lighter by providing high-quality, nutritous food to shelters. By giving their pets the food they need, they can make the most of their funds elsewhere. Several rescues benefit from‘s Rescue Bank program – and it’s thanks to you!

Every time you purchase something for you, a friend, or your cat from the iHeartCats store, we’re donating meals to shelter cats in need!

Heartland Humane Society


Heartland Humane Society is one of the shelters that benefits from your purchases:

“All of the cats pictured came off of the streets or were strays trying to survive in the country where they were left to fend for themselves against traffic, dogs, coyotes and unkind humans. Some of them had to get past illness, had litters of kittens that did not survive and injuries. All of them are grateful to be alive, happy and healthy.

Heartland Humane Society


“All of these pictures speak for themselves. They are happy, very healthy, safe, and well fed.

“Thanks to Rescue Bank these happy faces were able to be saved and fed; and, we see their gratitude every day. So, passing that gratitude on to you.”

-Heartland Humane Society

Heartland Humane Society


Your dollars can do a lot of good for shelter cats – and get you cool stuff, too! Check out the iHeartCats store for clothing, accessories, and home goods that feed shelter pets!

This shirt feeds 14 shelter cats!

Your Purchases Fed An Entire Colony of Cats & Kittens
You And Rescue Rebuild Help A Shelter That Helps Keep Families Together
Hungry Kittens Fill Their Bellies Thanks To Your Purchases
Your Purchases Filled a Starving Cat’s Belly with Nutritious Meals
You Helped This Lost Cat Find Her Way Home!
You Helped Provide Food for This Kitten When Her Mom Would Not Feed Her