These Closeup Portraits Of Cat Eyes Are Kitty Lover Kryptonite

Andrew Martilla is a Philadelphia-based pet photographer that has a pretty impressive client list. (Think Pudge the Cat, Lil Bub and the notorious Grumpy Cat aka Tardar Sauce.) When he’s not shooting celebrity clients, he’s coming up with some pretty cool ways to make pets look just as awesome as they are. And the best part is, he loves cats! But what’s most surprising is that despite his adoration for the feline kind, he’s actually highly allergic–even to dogs, too. But hey, that doesn’t stop him from doing what he loves!

A self-taught photographer with a love of animals despite the risk, he’s learned to combine his passion with something that he loves to do. And we must say, the results are simply stunning. For his Macro Cat Eye series he photographed one of our favorite things about cats: those entrancing eyes they have. Andrew was kind enough to allow us to share his images with you, and we have a feeling you’re going to love them just as much as we did. Enjoy!

(All photos courtesy of Andrew Martilla,















macro 15

Want to see more of Andrew’s cool photos? Check out his website,

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