You Won’t Believe These 15 Amazing Coat Colors & Markings!

Cats come in all sorts of unique and beautiful coat colors and markings, but these are particularly awesome. We know that it’s what’s inside that counts, but genetics can do some amazing things and these cats have some really fascinating looks!

#1 – This cat is actually a female with what looks like a mustache!

Photo credit: Imgur

#2 – This cat has a cat-shaped marking.

cat markings 4 1
Photo credit:

#3 – This is Sam, the cat with eyebrows!

sam cat with eyebrows 1
Photo credit: Instagram

#4 – Venus is the popular chimera cat.

two faced cat 1
Photo credit: Facebook

#5 – This kitty looks like their wearing a set of cat ears!

unique cat fur 3
Photo credit: Shareably

#6 – This kitten has a permanent top hat.

Photo credit: Imgur

#7 – This gorgeous Maine Coon looks like a white tiger.

Photo credit: Imgur

#8 – This beautiful cat has Halloween-like markings.

Photo credit: nadya-kornilova80

#9 – This kitten has a permanent heart!

cat markings 8
Photo credit:

#10 – This poor kitty looks like Hitler.

Photo credit: Imgur

#11 – This cat has a much friendlier mustache.

Photo credit: Imgur

#12 – Reverse raccoon?

Photo credit: Imgur

#13 – Another chimera-looking kitty!

Photo credit: Imgur

#14 – This kitty has a beautiful smoke-colored coat.

Photo credit: Imgur

#15 – This is Scrappy and his coat is the result of Vitiligo. He was actually born pure black!

Photo credit: Imgur

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