Kind Man Lets Stray Cat Pick Out Delectable Treats From His Shop

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on April 15, 2024

An inspirational man named Ikram Korkmazer adheres to a steadfast rule at his butcher shop: every stray animal that visits gets meat scraps. This tender-hearted man’s unconditional love for dogs and cats has not only won him a huge online following but also deeply endeared him to the local stray community. His butcher shop, Yeşim Meat Gallery, is named after the cat Yeşim, who is the first stray he ever fed at his store. Korkmazer’s connection with Yeşim began when she was just a stray cat visiting his shop for food.

He recalls how she used to stand on her hind legs, peering at the meat on the counter and asking for her favorite treats. Yeşim’s visits became frequent, especially after she brought her kitten along, continuing the tradition even after Yeşim passed away. Over time, other stray cats and dogs in the neighborhood learned that Korkmazer’s shop was a reliable source of food.

Despite the occasional criticism from some who disagree with his feeding of strays, Korkmazer remains dedicated to his cause. His acts of kindness have made him quite popular on social media, where he shares videos of these furry visitors. With over 65,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 530,000 on TikTok, his videos showcase his generous spirit and the joy these animals find at his shop.

Growing up in Turgutlu, in Turkey’s Manisa province, Korkmazer learned the value of kindness early on. Today, not only does he continue to feed the animals himself, but his co-workers, family members, and even some customers have joined in. Proud of instilling a love for animals, Korkmazer also sees his actions as a way to promote Turkey as a country that loves and respects animals. With billions viewing his videos, he is touched by the global connection his small acts of kindness have fostered.

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