Woman’s Premie Kittens ‘Rescue’ Her From A Stroke At 29 Yrs Old

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on April 15, 2024

Many cats are thriving today because of wonderful animal foster parents like Danielle. Taking in kittens who still need to be bottle-fed is incredibly challenging, but this courageous and patient woman was never deterred. This story is a tribute to her and her bravery during an unthinkable time. At only 29 years old, Danielle suffered from a stroke in October 2020. She had to put fostering on hold during her long hospital stay. Once released, she had to relearn how to do basic things, such as walking.

It took six months for Danielle to recover and take on foster kittens again. The first kittens she took in were Yeti and May. They were exactly what Danielle needed to feel like herself again after her world was turned upside down. She explains in the video that Yeti and May needed her almost as much as she needed them. They motivated her physically and emotionally.

Once they were old enough to go to their forever homes, Danielle placed Yeti and May with good friends who send her photos of the cats often. Danielle says, “Getting to see Yeti and May continue to thrive as my first fosters after my stroke is very humbling in some ways to kind of remind me of how far I’ve come from when they first came to me.”

Being a foster is so rewarding. For Danielle, being a foster mom saved her life! Please consider volunteering your time to a nearby shelter or rescue group. You’re not just helping animals in need– you’re helping yourself! Play the video below to see Danielle’s story.

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