Writer’s Beloved Cats Inherit $300,000

Cat-lover and writer Ellen Frey-Wouters passed in 2015, but not before making some provisions in the interest of her cats.

Ellen lived to be 88 with no children, but she loved her two cats, Tiger and Troy. The kitties may be a little lonely now that their person has moved on, but she left them in the care of two home health aides she knew in life. She also left behind just a little something to remember her by – a $300,000 trust fund!

So what do two young, handsome cats do with $300,000? Buy a pool full of catnip toys? World’s largest scratching post? Ten-story, 20 room cat condo done in black and gold? Nope. The money will be spent ensuring that the two live out their lives in a loving, comfortable home with all the care they deserve! Their caretakers will see to all of their needs and submit bills for expenses to withdraw from the trust fund. The cats will never want for anything: healthcare, food, toys, trips to the groomer – it will always be taken care of!

Any loving pet-parent would want to ensure that the loved pets they leave behind are well cared for when they go, but it’s not everyone that can leave $300,000 to see that the job gets done! Lucky Tiger and Troy are set for all nine lives! See more of the story at ABC13.com!

H/T: ABC13.com

Featured Photo: @sandrabookman7 via Twitter

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